External SEO

Link building or creation of links is to try to put links on other websites, except placing them on sites whose theme is according to our site and in particular positions within it, if you happen to put links right and left to the end can be penalized by Google

Link baiting, linking entertainingly, trying to generate the republication of links by as many people as possible, has been an evolution of lifelong link building

Social networks, especially Twitter and Google+ serve to speed up the indexing of the website, also helping in the dissemination and possible creation of links to the site. A special consideration when it comes to social networks is Tumblr since the links you generate to your website are all follow

What Is SEO Or Search Engine Optimization?

The optimization for search engines in the websites comes taken from the hand of the great search sites, nowadays position dominated by Google with more than 95% of the total of the searches in Internet; These are all the techniques that allow our websites to appear in the highest position on the results page of a Google search, without the need to pay to look in the sponsored results area.

Because of the current form of the Google result pages, the real goal of SEO work is to increase visits, the time a visitor stays and therefore increase website conversions.

The techniques can be separated into internal and external, based on whether they are performed on our site or external sites, both require hard work, and the results are produced as time passes.

Internal SEO

The Internal SEO is the one that we must do on our website, both in what refers to the HTML code of the site, as well as the quality and type of content.

The code of the website must be as semantic as possible, through it to indicate the different importance of the content to the spiders of the search engines, if the exposed refers to a specific product or even physical place.

On the other hand, the content displayed on the website must be consistent with our objective, with the services and products that the company develops or commercializes, that it is exposed on a regular basis that is novel, attractive and delivers the answers for anyone looking for the subject presented.

Create a structure of solid internal links taking care that there are no broken links that generate 404 errors so that whoever visits your website may lose fluidity within your journey between pages of your site.

Something significant is the speed at which you respond, and your website is displayed, if it takes a long time visitors to the site will end up leaving and continue with the next result in your search on Google.